Who we are

Leevin Ireland is in short and long term student accommodation services. The company was founded in 2018 in Dublin with the aim of providing students with reliable and value for money accommodation services. Our mission is to deliver to all our customers a satisfying and unique experience while staying in Ireland.

We are a company focused on student accommodation

We minimise bureaucracy

We make checking into our accommodation easy. With us, you don’t need much paperwork.

We are trustworthy

Since 2018 in the Irish accommodation market, Leevin has partnerships with the main exchange agencies and schools in Dublin because of our recognition in the student accommodation market.

Value for money

Besides our competitive prices, there is no variation in rates during your stay.


Our accommodation is located in convenient areas in Dublin, with easy access to main services, schools, tourist sites and public transport.

We speak your language

We understand the importance for those who have just arrived to be able to hire services in your own language. Our team are ready to attend to you in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Specialists in assistance to exchange students

We understand the routine and needs of students, so we know how to assist you from the moment you arrive in Ireland.


We want to make sure that everything goes well during your stay. This is why in case you have any problem in your accommodation, we have a team ready to help you! Our team does a free maintenance triage and fixes small things in the property. When something bigger need to be done, we help you contact the best service option to solve the problem.