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February 4, 2020

Living in Ireland – 5 incredible reasons

That Ireland is one of the countries most sought after by long-term exchange students, have no doubts. But what attracts these people so much to choose to live in Ireland, specifically Dublin, to study and work? If we are going to talk about all the existing factors, the list will be long. But we have separated 5 of the main reasons for living in Dublin, which are more than enough for you to decide once and for all and come here.

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  • Hospitality

That story that Europeans are cold and closed people may even be “true”, but that is not true for Irish people. Just arrive in the country and feel how welcoming and friendly they are. Here the people are very festive and cheerful and most of them take the holidays seriously. Dublin has even been voted by some travel agency websites as one of the most hospitable cities. It is no accident that those who come want to return again, because they really feel welcomed.

  • Opportunities

Ireland, mainly the capital Dublin, offers many opportunities for both study and work. The country is really a generator of jobs, there are several functions that you don’t even imagine they can have. And best of all, this does not apply only to the natives, foreigners although with some restrictions they can also enjoy these opportunities and stay longer here. English students, for example, can work 20 hours a week, which is great for raising a good little money and saving the mandatory 3,000 euros they brought for the exchange.

  • Cost of living

We are going to talk specifically about Dublin as it is the city that receives the most exchange students who want to live in Ireland. Most English schools are concentrated here, not to mention that job opportunities are also greater in the capital. And one of the things that strikes foreigners the most is the relatively low cost of living.

You can go to supermarkets like Tesco, Aldi and Lidl (the most popular) and make a good purchase with very little expense. Regarding clothing, Penneys is the most popular department store in Ireland, where you can find everything you need, such as cold coats and boots at great prices. Of course, there are several other store options with very affordable prices and promotions that are really worthwhile.

Rents in the capital, however, are not as comrades. You will find houses to share with many people, for a considerably high price. So it is good to research a lot and carefully in this part. We talked about it in Dublin Accommodation – Be ready to rent yours! stop by and learn how to increase your chances of getting it right when choosing your accommodation.

  • Facility to travel

Another very attractive point on the Emerald Island is the ease of traveling both inside and outside the country. In addition to travel being quick, they are economical and do not spend much, especially on airfare. A flight to London, for example, can leave for less than 30 euros. It is good to be always searching to find good deals, companies like Ryanair usually have cheap flights to the main destinations in Europe.

We have to mention that there are other ways to travel within Ireland too, via train is one of them which by the way, is sensational. Have you ever thought about enjoying the way admiring incredible landscapes and recording every moment? These are things that the Island provides us with.

  • Unique experience

That last topic and it is inevitable to talk about it. After all, a place to have a lot of experiences is in Irish lands. In addition to living in a place with a totally different climate and habits, learning another language and working on things you never imagined, you will also have relationships with people from all over the world. The country is a mix of cultures, which makes it even more special. Perhaps, at some point in your exchange you will share the house with flatmates from other parts of the world. So grab the chance to make new friends and learn something different each day.

We hope we helped or gave you that little push that you needed to be more willing to live in Ireland. Our post comes to an end, but we still have a lot of cool things to tell you about the country. So stay tuned in the next posts!

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