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January 21, 2020

Irish Minimum Wage will increase in 2020

If you are in ireland or are planning to coming here the following months it is important to know everything that is happening here. for sure, informed people come out ahead with some advantages. For those who follow our blog, knows that we are always posting some relevant content about the island and things that every exchange student should know, in order to explore and enjoy every opportunity of their exchange. This time we are going to talk about  the minimum wage in Ireland!

The buzz that the minimum wage here would increase is true guys. In the last weeks of 2019, the Irish government website published the news with a note from Minister Regina Doherty announcing the change scheduled for February 1, 2020. The increase will be 30 cents, that is, the current minimum value of 9.80 will increase to 10.10 euros per hour.

The minimum wage in Ireland follows bellowing, by age:

  • 20 years or older – earn € 10.10 per hour
  • Under 18 – earn € 7.07 per hour (70%)

  • 18 years old – earn € 8.08 (80%)
  • 19 years old – earn € 9.09 (90%)

The adjustment may seems small, but it will be quite significant for people who earn less and work part time, earning approximately 202 euros a week.

Here in Ireland, exchange students can work part-time. You work 20 hours a week in parallel to your studies. So just check your course schedule and lets go to applying cv in your free time. Restaurants and the hospitality industry are the ones that provide the most opportunities for exchange students. There they have types of jobs that generally do not require a fluency of English. Which is great for you who just arrived and are still not confident with the speaking.

This is one of the golden opportunities that Ireland gives language students. In addition to being able to practice the English language in real daILY situations, you can still save a little money to travel to all places in Europe. But that’s important to remember to dedicate yourself to your studies, because after all, you are here to learn and live new experiences.

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