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January 14, 2020

Dublin Accommodation – Be Ready to Rent Yours!

Ireland is among one of the most sought after destinations by tourists. According to the Irish website Breakingnews.ie, in 2018 Ireland received the tourism record with an estimated 11.2m visitors. Most of these people focus on Dublin, which is certainly at the top of every tourist’s itinerary. The Irish capital is undoubtedly the starting point for getting to know the other tourist cities of the country like Galway, Cork, Bray, Belfast and many others. By the way, you can not miss there in your list ok ?!

But let’s go directly to the subject. Where do all these people sleep?

You can already imagine how busy the search for accommodation can be here in Ireland. Whether temporary or fixed, finding a nice, well-located, yet economical place in Dublin sometimes seems impossible. But calm down, it’s no use getting disgusted with it! We have separated some relevant information for you in this post that can help you prepare earlier and tackle this quest with a little “calmer”. So come on.

1- It’s never too early

If you need accommodation for 6 months from now, be sure to search the last 2 months. It is likely to go bad. It may seem like a long time, but that time flies by and you may end up not finding a good place in time.

Plan your needs first with check-in and check-out dates, available and needed money. If you are coming to Ireland you must be with a guaranteed accommodation. You can and should book it still in your country. (We have a post about it, take a look at A search for a Permanent Accommodation in Dublin.

2- Have a good network of contacts

Searching the internet is the first thing we do when searching for accommodations. But have you ever thought that having a good network of friends and acquaintances can also help you a lot at these times? Referrals from acquaintances are usually effective, because a friend won’t tell you anything to get you in trouble, right? It is supposed. So don’t dismiss the Whatsapp groups at these times. Good networking is always important.

3- Always be prepared

When you are looking for accommodation you should always be alert to the vacancies that appear on the websites, social networks, groups and other channels you have chosen to search. If you have provided your email, phone number or any other form of contact be sure to check back often to avoid missing out on good opportunities and also interviews with Land or Ladylord.

Wait, this part isn’t over yet.

Another very important thing is to separate the documents required to present at the time of the interview and or reservation. Having the documentation in hand and getting it right can give you a UP and take you one step closer to closing a deal with the owner.

Usually these documents are:

  • Reference of the owner of the previous house where you lived (If it’s your first rental, don’t worry)
  • Proof of employment / work reference;
  • Photocopy of passport.

4- Please be careful

It’s not just about value or whether the accommodation has a warm fireplace or a huge kitchen let alone a bathtub or a wonderful view. But it is also about uniting the useful with the pleasant. It is important to check the location, whether it is transportable and accessible to work, school, market or the places you want to visit for tourists. Seeing the bus, train and moons lines that serve the region is a way to save and save your time. Still don’t know anything about Irish Public transport, it is worth reading: Transport in Dublin – Everything You Need to Know!

5. Close deal only if you are totally safe

The search for accommodation is not easy, we know that. But remember that when you find it, this will become your special corner. So don’t despair of accepting anything ahead. The cheap can sometimes come out expensive and still bring problems.

Know who you are closing deal with. Many people take advantage of others’ need and despair to push a muquifo or strike. This is real here and everywhere else. So be smart! Visit the site in person, see if it really pleases you, and find out more about Landlord or the agency with related people. Do not make advance transfers before officially closing contract.

Look for reliable companies that have industry experience and will really help you with this.

We hope these simple but relevant tips will guide you to find your Dublin accommodation and make your dream travel and exchange in Ireland the best possible way.

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