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February 14, 2020

Don’t rent accommodation before arriving in Dublin

In fact, you can and should rent accommodation before arriving in Dublin. Not only to avoid staying on the street, but also, because they will ask you at immigration where you will be staying. The point is that several people have been tricked even before they set foot on Irish land, because they rent in advance with untrustworthy companies.

Booking a corner in your country is essential and saves a series of possible stresses, not to mention that not finding a home mainly in Dublin, is not an easy task, especially when we talk about fixed accommodation. But you need to take some precautions to be able to rent safely and safely. Here are some tips on: Accommodation in Dublin – Be ready to rent yours!

How to rent my accommodation safely?

For those who have not yet arrived in Ireland it is impossible to know  the Landlord and visit accommodation beforehand, but it is important to know how and where to look. Opt for really reliable companies and advertiser profiles that have good reviews. Do not do business with people who are suspicious or who generally do not have a company to answer for them. We recommend that you look for agencies within a standard of trust. Like us at Leevin, we specialize in student accommodation geared to meet the needs of this type of audience exclusively.

When choosing a place, you will find several options such as rooms to share with different numbers of people, couples rooms for those who come with their partner or even friends and single room for only one person. And the houses are usually with a shared kitchen, bathroom and living room and the energy bills (usually) come every two months. But all of these details you can check at the time of your search or by contacting the Landlord.

And worth remembering! Here the accommodations are temporary and permanent. The first option varies the number of days of stays and it is for you who are arriving and need to prove residency in immigration and furthermore, that you prefer to look for a fixed accommodation in person. But remember, 2 weeks is better than 1.

The second option, permanent, and certainly the best option for the long-term student who will be staying for 6 to 8 months in Ireland. Some of them you can renew your contract according to the specifications set by the Landlord or agency. Nobody deserves to have to carry their suitcases up and down, changing homes. Only if it is to travel, isn’t it ?!

And finally, checking the type of accommodation that meets your needs regarding space, location and what prices fit your budget are essential to have a good stay in the country and save stress. The value always varies according to the vacancy and location. We hope this post will help you a lot with the step-by-step for your exchange.

Still having questions about renting accommodation direct from your country? Send us an email at info@leevinireland.com and we will be happy to help. 🙂

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