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November 26, 2019

A search for a Permanent Accommodation in Dublin

That Ireland is beautiful and full of stories all over the world knows, maybe that’s the main reason many choose the country as an exchange destination. What few people know while planning to go to Emerald Island, it is how difficult is to find a permanent accommodation in Dublin…

On the one hand, exorbitant prices for not really new homes, on the other, sharing a house / room with a lot of people, not to mention when there is a wonderful vacancy but it is too far – but it can be fine – from the city center.

The search problems to find an accommodation in Ireland have affected not only immigrants but even Irish people and being aware of this point is important.

Here on the island, you have to go through competitors to finally find the ideal home…

To get you a little more familiar with the types of accommodation, we made a list of some room possibilities – common areas of the houses are almost always shared – which you can find here:


Room for one person with one single bed.


Room for one or two people with double bed.


Room for two people with two single beds.


Shared room with two or more single beds and / or bunk beds (is among the most economical options).

Don’t be discouraged!

We at Leevin, are there to help you in your search for accommodation, whether it is temporary (as soon as you arrive on the Island) or your expected permanent accommodation!

We offer to our customers the following options:

EXCHANGE: It is an ideal choice for who wants a temporary accommodation. You can stay between 2 and 4 weeks with us;

HOME: It is the option we offer long term to clients looking to hire their permanent accommodation, you can stay with us for a period of at least 6 months. Your bills are not included, but we give all necessary support in your stay at the house.

HOME PLUS: the way to get your permanent accommodation by booking directly from your country, including before your arrival to Dublin. With HOME PLUS, all bills are included, beyond many benefits of being with Leevin.

Facilitate your journey to find your accommodation! Leevin is always open to help you in each step, from your temporary vacancy to your permanent home! We want to make your exchange even more unforgettable!

Remember: Living with people of different behavior and cultures can be scary at first, but it makes us mature and it is one of the best experiences an exchange can offer.

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